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Rejoice! Marvin For iPhone Is Here

Our favourite reading app is finally available on our favourite device, the iPhone. We give our verdict. Read more

Updated Kindle iOS App

Amazon's iOS Kindle app has been updated to be more in keeping with the brand new iOS 7 look. Read more

Amazon Associates Changes

Amazon have updated their Associate terms and conditions, and it looks like they’re trying to push back the tide of free books. Read more


News In Brief

Apple iBookstore Could Be 24% of Ebooks Market

Respected analyst Horace Dediu over at Asymco has tried to put some numbers to Apple’s iBookstore business, and reckons they’re selling about 17 million a month. Compared to their other media and app sales, books are a drop in the ocean. Even so, Apple could account for as much as 24% of the market.

Embedded Kindle In Your Car?

The good folks at Gigaom have come to the not unreasonable conclusion that Amazon’s launching of their Cloud Player app on the Ford Sync platform could open the door to integrated audiobook in your car.

Logitech announces iPad mini keyboard

The ultra-popular ultrathin keyboard is coming in a mini version for Apple’s little tablet. Looks like a winner for peripatetic¬†writers. We’ll have a full review soon.

Kindle Singles store launches in UK

First ‘Singles’ store outside the flagship .com store, Amazon launches in the UK

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Short Stories

480 grand

Four Hundred & Eighty Grand

Ken & Tracy only went next door to paint the fence. They didn't expect to see £480,000 sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Read more

[Review] Marvin For iPad – All Hail The King

There's a new reading app in town, and he's taking no prisoners. His name is Marvin, and he's just obliterated the competition. Read more


[Review] Symbolia Magazine for iPad

A new magazine for the iPad promises to mix serious journalism with comic strip illustrations. But does it work? Read more


A Soul To Steal

Book One of The Sanheim Chronicles is a genre pot pourri, and a real page turner. Mixing classic mystery with fantasy and romance, it will leave you wanting more. Read more


Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell

In a few days, Cloud Atlas makes its cinema debut. So now’s a great time to take another look at the book the film was based on. Read more

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B&N Says Nook To Continue

Barnes & Noble have issued their figures, and they don't make happy reading. Despite this, they say the Nook will live on. Read more


No More Nook?

Barnes & Nobles latest profit warning for their nook hardware division means the future of the device is looking bleak. Read more


The End of The eReader is Nigh

eInk device sales are tanking, as readers turn to full featured tablets instead. Read more


New Kindle Sales Record, Still Meaningless

Amazon have announced that sales of the Kindle set a new record over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday US holiday weekend. Read more

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Amazon Ups KDP Select Fund

Amazon are celebrating a year of their KDP Select program by adding a whopping $1.5M to the global fund for the holiday season. Read more

Complete chronicles

The SHAKESPEARE System For Self-Publishing Success

Best selling indie sci-fi author Matthew Mather shares his ten step plan to self-publishing success. Read more


iBooks, iBooks Author Updated

In a packed special event launching the iPad mini, Apple announced new versions of iBooks and iBooks Author.

Read more

books as assets

Are eBooks The Ultimate Asset?

In these times of economic difficulty, any asset with the potential to yield 5% returns or more is of interest (if you’ll excuse the pun). With yields of 10%+ a very real possibility, self published ebooks could be your most valuable asset yet. Read more

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Featured Book


Room, by Emma Donoghue

You know a book is good when, a few novels later, you're still thinking about it. Room is one of those books. Not always an easy read, the story is told from the point of view of five year old Jack. Read more