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Gifting eBooks Just Got Cool

Gifting eBooks Just Got Cool

Everyone loves giving books as gifts, but ebooks have taken away some of the magic. Try as we might, wrapping up an epub or mobi file and sticking a big pink ribbon on it, is something we’ve never been able to accomplish…until now.

Bootstrapped startup Livrada wants to put the gift back into gifting. Their simple and ingenious idea is printed book tokens. Unlike those classic bookshop stamps of the 80’s, Livrada’s tokens are beautiful replicas of individual book covers.

Now you the giver can choose a book as you would in a regular dead-tree store, and instead of firing off a bunch of bits and bytes in an unexciting email, you can hand over a nicely wrapped metaphor to the lucky recipient.

Whoever is fortunate enough to receive your card can redeem it on Livrada’s website, then download the book to a Kindle, nook, or Kobo reader.

Right now the cards are only available in retail stores in the US. We hope they do well and expand to other territories soon.