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New Kindle Sales Record, Still Meaningless

New Kindle Sales Record, Still Meaningless

Amazon have announced that sales of the Kindle ereading device family set a new record over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday US holiday weekend. The colour Fire tablet was on offer at just $129, down from its regular $159 price tag.

However, as Amazon still refuse to produce any actual sales figures, this release, like all those before it, is rather meaningless. It’s entirely possible (although highly unlikely) that the internet retail giant sold only a thousand units worldwide, we simply don’t know.

In the meantime, tech analyst Gene Munster spend some time on Black Friday watching people come out of the Apple Store and Microsoft Store of a busy shopping mall in Minneapolis. Their report noted that the Apple store was selling an average of 11 iPads an hour. The Microsoft store didn’t sell any Surface tablets during the study. In fact all it did seems to sell were Xbox games.

Apple continue to be the only major tech retailer to regularly report actual hardware sales (not shipping) figures.