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Updated Kindle iOS App

Updated Kindle iOS App

Amazon’s iOS Kindle app has been updated to be more in keeping with the brand new iOS 7 look. Version 4.0 is a major release and boasts support for collections, as well as performance and stability improvements.


The new look interface is clean and fresh, matching the style of Apple’s new OS. The reading screen is a pleasant enough experience, but it still lacks the extensive formatting controls and handy gestures found in Marvin, which remains our preferred reader.

The headline feature – support for collections – will be welcome to many and is long overdue. Collections themselves look suspiciously like iPhone folders, and that’s no bad thing as we’re all familiar with how those work.

Overall it’s a solid update, and being free there’s little to quibble with regarding the price. If you’re committed to Amazon’s ecosystem, it’s a useful update and worth the download (which is automatic if you’ve updated your i device to iOS 7).


On the OS 7 app, I find my bookmarks not accessible and no longer an able to see where the publisher used italics in any of the fonts that are available. None of this happens on cloud reader. Hope they fix that soon :(

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